Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Links to videos

As requested, here are the links to (at least most of) the video clips shown at class. Enjoy!

The Homecoming

Welcome to Hell

Life of Brian

Prehistoric Monster Syndrome

Video Dating

Monday, October 5, 2009

How has Finland changed?

For home work you should ask a Finn (a friend, a passer-by etc.) about how Finland has changed during his/her lifetime. Whether he/she wants to talk politics, culture, economy is up to him/her. Your job is to write a short note about his/her key points and post them here. We will discuss the question next time (Monday the 12th).

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Hello students!

In this blog you can find more information about cultural anthropology and upload the lecture slides (right column). You can also find instructions for your take-home exam posted below. Feel free to write and/or comment if you have something to share.

Take-home exam

To complete the course you have to write an essay based on the lectures and the following book:

Keesing, Roger M. & Andrew J. Strathern: Cultural Anthropology - A Contemporary Perspective (3rd edition, 1998).

You can also use one of the books listed in "Anthropological literature" above or some other relevant source. In writing the essay you can decide on the title as well as the focus of the essay yourself as long as you discuss the method, the subjects and the meaning of cultural anthropology. Particularly for the latter, personal reflection of the writer is encouraged. The length of the essay should be around 4 to 6 pages. The essay should be send as a .doc, .rtf or .pdf file to jukka.jouhki@jyu.fi by 11:59 PM Friday 13th of November 2009.

Links to Anthropology Sites

American Anthropological Association
Anthropology SuperSite
Anthropology at Oxford University
Cultural anthropology tutorial at Palomar College
Engaging with the World (Thomas Hylland Eriksen's site)
Society for Cultural Anthropology
The European Association of Social Anthropology
Wikipedia: Cultural Anthropology

Anthropological literature

In case you want to dig deeper into anthropology or choose a source for you essay, here's a list of books. If you can think of other interesting books on anthropology feel free to comment here.

BOHANNAN: High Points in Anthropology
BOROFSKY (ED.): Assessing Cultural Anthropology
CRAPO: Cultural Anthropology: Understanding Ourselves and Others
ERIKSEN: Small Places, Large Issues
GEERTZ: Local Knowledge
GUPTA & FERGUSON (EDS.): Anthropological Locations: Boundaries and Grounds of a Field Science
HARRIS: Cultural Anthropology
HONIGMAN (ED.): Handbook of Social and Cultural Anthropology
HOWARD: Contemporary Cultural Anthropology
KEESING & STRATHERN: Cultural Anthropology
KEESING: Cultural Anthropology: a Contemporary Perspective
MURPHY: Cultural & Social Anthropology
STOCKING: The Ethnographer's Magic